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About Us

Our inspiration to start Maia Botanicals was a yearning to live a more natural life and to reduce exposing ourselves to harmful synthetics. We realised that many people, including some of our own family members and friends, had allergic reactions to or other undesirable results with the synthetic cocktails in off-the-shelf, commercial skin and hair products, especially when using multiple products.

Having been exposed to Ayurveda and the healing properties of herbs and plants from a young age, we were confident of creating a range of skin and hair care products that fully utilised the power of plant extracts and actives, yet be suitable for modern living.

Our products are formulated using well-researched plant extracts and actives at their appropriate usage rate. As much as possible, we include and source our raw ingredients from within the region, we do this because for one – this means we have a lower carbon footprint, but most importantly because they are most suitable for the local climate and the hair and skin needs of those in tropical regions. When we develop and formulate our products, we also pay specific attention to how the final product will be packaged and sent to you. While there are limitations to the eco-friendly solutions available today, we do our best to package our products in materials that will biodegrade.

At Maia Botanicals, we are passionate about creating everyday skin and hair products for you and your family, that are safe, effective and eco-friendly.  We hope you will make us a part of your natural and eco-friendly lifestyle.




Synthetic colours
Synthetic fragrances
Parabens and formaldehyde releasers